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Behind Casa Giasola


Cristina Prosperi Giannone

our founder.

For Cristina, Casa Giasola is a tribute to her family.

Grew very close to  their  grandparents, two Sicilians who emigrated young to Venezuela.

When he was 16 years old he lost his mother due to a terrible pancreatic cancer, from that moment he began to question what were the things he really wanted and what really made him happy.

He began his search and was repeatedly wrong, but he never stopped trying. Changes of career, address, countries and languages.

Until, with the support of his family, he began to study interior design at the Design Institute of Caracas, and then he studied cooking at the Culinary Institute of Caracas, two schools that he loves and is always grateful for everything he receives.  taught.

She has worked as a designer and as a cook,  performing and  standing out in both  scopes .

After so much searching, he finally found in Sicily all the answers to his questions, he wanted to pay tribute to that family that  it gave  so much, and to the land that  saw  born to his grandparents and the culture he grew up with.

This is how Casa Giasola was born, as a wink and a tribute to everything that beautiful SICILY represents.

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